From Ashes to Beauty Inc.

WE BELIEVE...Every Woman and Girl can be FREE to rise "FROM" all their "ASHES TO" Their Great "BEAUTY" (Purpose)!


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From Ashes To Beauty Inc.

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The Founder's Story 
"From Ashes To Beauty"
  Kimberly Mitchell

I am Kimberly Mitchell, a native of Macon, Ga and Founder of From Ashes To Beauty Inc.  I am an over comer and survivor of domestic violence abuse and homelessness so I’m convinced that is why God would use me to birth a Vision in this earth to empower others who are currently in or transitioning out of domestic violence abuse and brokenness.


Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Abuse and Displacement creates brokenness, homelessness, low self-esteem, low self-worth, co-dependency, shame, guilt, anger and fear in women and children. 

Women and children who experience domestic violence and sexual assault & abuse, rejection and displacement put themselves in an “unqualified” life status.  They do not believe they deserve the best because of their mental breakdown. Their mentality places them in a compromising state to accept “just enough” instead of more than enough.  I allowed my children to be exposed to domestic violence abuse so I understand the battle and struggle of helping to transform emotional mindsets so they could embrace wholeness in their lives to fulfill their purpose.

Before I gave my life to Christ, my life was in a dark place from broken emotions, fear, abuse, and shame, guilt from mistakes, regrets and rejection.  As a result, I tried to cover up the pain with fashion, education, job, men, alcohol and drugs because I thought those things would ease my broken pain and make things better. 

Yes! I WAS desiring of a better life but I did not believe I "qualified" for a better life because of all my mistakes. As a result, I lived a life full of low self-esteem.  When you are living a broken life, you believe being abused and controlled by someone else is love…until you want to get out!!  Then you realize it is not love at all!!!

When you are in ABUSE of any kind, you PUT UP YOUR BEST FIGHT when you LEAVE FOREVER and start embracing God’s Great Love and Self Love!! 

I am a living witness that when you cry out to Jesus...he is right there.. In fact, he was with me the whole time trying to tell me the right way to go but I did not follow his voice...

Now, I have made the choice to give my life to Christ and develop a true relationship with him by praying and waiting for him to direct my path daily.

I live my life honoring the sacrifice that he gave for me. I KNOW that he has forgiven me of all my sins on the cross...AND he has turned ALL my ASHES TO BEAUTY with a great Purpose he has on my life to help other women know that no matter what you have been through...There is HOPE and a great purpose for you!!