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About Us

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From Ashes To Beauty Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2015 in Macon, Georgia.  This ministry has been commissioned by God to reach the lost and broken individuals of the world with the word of God's Grace and Unconditional Love.   

Our Vision ​

To Empower, Support and Mentor women and children FROM identity issues, mental and emotional abuse, rejection and brokenness TO a victorious life of Faith, Wholeness, Confidence, and Strength regardless of what walk of life they have gone through.

Our Goal is to equip them to live and maintain a successful life of accountability and  stability by discovering a relationship with Jesus Christ and how to embrace their God given unique Gifts, Talents and Purpose.

Our Mission

To help women and children Heal FROM brokenness TO emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness.  Ultimately, creating community leaders and advocates for surrounding communities, schools, churches and next generations.


Services And Resources

~Host Creative Diverse Platform Empowerment Events

We collaborate with motivational speakers, community advocates, community agencies, business owners, and church leaders to host events that empower the family. The events focus on shared resource assistance information, creative hands-on workshops and diverse creative platforms for others to share their stories, gifts and talents so others will gain a greater understanding of Jesus Christ and his unconditional love for all.


~ Motivational speaking by Founder

~Self Accountability Program

6 week program using educational tools designed for helping others who are struggling in life to overcome fear,  to make decisions for handling major life changes gracefully and to discover a path of determination for their dreams and purpose.

~Restoration Sessions

One-on-one or Group sessions using a holistic approach that helps others heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Each session is designed to focus on getting the individual to discover wholeness, forgiveness, reconciliation, self worth, their true identity, and develop a greater spiritual path of purpose so they can live a ambitious productive life that impacts the community and world.  

Session 1.  Identifying Your Brokenness

Session 2.  How to Embrace Your True Identity and Self Worth

Session 3.  Embracing God's Love For You

Session 4.  Embracing and Discovering Your Purpose

Session 5.  How to Live out Your Purpose To encourage Others

Session 6.  The Importance of Vision

Note: A certificate of completion is presented after the Self Accountability Program and the Restoration Sessions are complete.


~Clothing Bank Referral~ Food Bank Referral~ Mental Health Referral~ Temporary & Permanent Housing Referral ~Employment Placement Referral~ Protective Service Referral~ Social Service Referral~ 



WE BELIEVE No matter who you are, where you come from or what you have gone through in life!

YOU ARE Beautiful, Uniquely created to fulfill a

Great Purpose!


WE BELIEVE every woman and child can be FREE to rise "FROM" their "ASHES TO" their "BEAUTY" (Purpose) and live a victorious life!

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